Betty Crocker: Devil’s Food Cupcakes

Not so much of a recipe for this post, but these were too good not to share. A few weeks ago whilst I was waiting for Britain’s Got Talent to begin on TV, I thought I’d try the Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food Cupcakes mix that I had in the cupboard (only because it was on special offer at the supermarket!) and I was thrilled with the results. Out of the 9 cupcakes made, I managed to eat 5 (I would have eaten them all, but thought I’d better share them round!) The cakes were light and fluffy and the icing was delicious!

If you spot this cake mixture when your out and about shopping, I’d definitely recommend that you give them a go! Included in the packet is the Devil’s Food Cupcake mix, icing and chocolate sprinkles. All you need to add is oil, eggs and water for the cupcakes, and butter for the icing. The cakes were a good size, which is often unusual for packet mixture and there was plenty of icing – in fact perhaps too much! So, you definitely get your money’s worth with this mixture!

Taking around 30 minutes in total, these cakes were ready just in time to settle down in front of the TV ready for Britain’s Got Talent!

Betty Crocker Devil's Cupcake

Betty Crocker Cake

Find out more about the Betty Crocker range here

3 thoughts on “Betty Crocker: Devil’s Food Cupcakes

  1. cocacolafiend says:

    I tried these before and didn’t realize the icing needed water as well as butter! I spent a very frustrating ten minutes trying to spread it with a spoon!

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