About Bake With Me Blog

Hi there!

I’m Charlotte – a 19 year old who has an obsession with all things baking. From cupcakes and biscuits to cheesecakes and scones, I try to bake something new every week. I think this drives my family mad as I am constantly bombarding them with new things to try – some good and others not so much! Not only do I love to bake and eat such delicious treats, but I enjoy photographing my bakes. I’m most definitely one of those who gets excited by a picture of a cupcake, in fact, any kind of good-looking food will get me excited.

I post new content every Friday so hopefully that’ll get you in the mood for some weekend baking. If you do enjoy any of my blog posts, please do give them a like or leave me a little comment as I love to read them and it shows me what recipes you guys enjoy most. Of course if you’re a baking fanatic like myself, be sure to subscribe either by email or in your reader to keep up to date!

That’s all from me. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I’ll see you here again soon.

I’ll leave you with a song about a muffin….. 🙂

– Charlotte ❤

| All views are my own. I’ll always credit the original authors and hope you do the same for me too! |


50 thoughts on “About Bake With Me Blog

  1. Lee says:

    Haha love the song xD

    Thanks for visiting my blog NoWheatNoWay! The Malteaser cake you have on here I am going to have to try and adapt, looks so nommy!

    • bakewithmeblog says:

      Thank you very much! Try not to listen to that song too many times as you will start singing about muffins and biscuits and it will drive you crazy! 🙂
      Thanks for popping by my blog too! Take care x

  2. aprilwu72 says:

    Thanks for passing by my blog! I’m just starting up and really appreciate your “like” 🙂
    Boy, and your recipes and pictures are simply mouth watering. If only I have my own kitchen to test out your recipes!

  3. jennypugh says:

    Hi Charlotte, I love The Muffin Song, it’s brilliant! I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes on your blog 🙂

  4. Judit Bakes says:

    Hi, I love your work, so I just nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award! The Rules are:
    Display the award on your blog
    Mention/link the person who nominated you
    Nominate another 10 (or so) bloggers you feel should be given this award
    Inform these individuals that you have nominated them
    Write 7 facts about yourself


    Love, Judit

  5. Bharani says:

    hey thank you for dropping by… superb blog… will try out some baking goodies from your blog and will let you know…I bake eggless though so when I substitute something with egg will see how it comes out…:)

    • bakewithmeblog says:

      You’re very welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog too! Do let me know if you bake anything, I’d love to see how you get on. I’ve never baked without eggs before so I’d be really interested – maybe I could look more into it and write a post.

  6. thebakerkid says:

    I am so happy because i now know more about you than i did 5 hours ago. Looks like a absolutely fantastic blog and this is most definitely inspiration for my blog (thebakerkid.com!)
    Thanks so much for liking some of my posts and for following me
    Look forward to more posts for me to enjoy reading

    • bakewithmeblog says:

      You’re too kind! I enjoy reading you’re blog too, you have some lovely recipes. I really do like the look of your Sticky Lemon Cake. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

  7. Perky Pancake says:

    Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Just been having a look around yours and you’ve it fantastic recipes on here and such yummy looking photos. Looking forward to reading more!

    • bakewithmeblog says:

      You’re very welcome! And thank you for following my blog too! Your blog is incredible, such exciting recipes that all look delicious – especially those raspberry & white chocolate brownies! Yum! 😉

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