Cupcakes with Rainbow Frosting

Not so much of a recipe for this post, I guess more of a tutorial or how to. I recently discovered a YouTube channel called My Cupcake Addiction (you should definitely check them out, I’ll put their link below!) and I found a video about how to ice cupcakes with a rainbow effect. Now as this was my first attempt, mine didn’t quite turn out as spectacular as I saw in the video but I guess practice makes perfect! Nevertheless, I still thought they were worth writing about as I think rainbow icing is SUCH a cool idea!

First of all, you’ll need to make your cupcakes. You can adapt this Victoria Sponge recipe to make the cupcakes, simply divide the mixture between cake cases rather than split the batter between two sandwich tins.


Rainbow Cupcake

5 oz Unsalted Butter, softened
10 oz Icing Sugar, sifted
1 to 2 tsp Milk (optional)
3 Different Food Colourings


1. In a bowl, beat together the butter and sifted icing sugar until a smooth creamy frosting begins to form.

2. If the mixture needs loosening, add a splash of milk. (Be aware that the food colouring will also loosen the frosting so don’t put too much milk in!)

3. Equally divide the mixture into three bowls. In each, add a splash of food colouring and mix until well combined. (The more food colouring you add, the darker the frosting becomes). I wish I had added a few more drops to make my icing a little darker but its best to add a little at a time and judge as you go.

Rainbow Icing

4. This is the part that gets a little messy (in my case very messy!) In a piping bag (I’d use a disposable, clear piping bag, just so you can see what your doing) spoon in one of the coloured frostings, aiming to keep it to one side.

5. Repeat this process with the next colour, placing the next coloured frosting next to it.

6. Finally add in the third colour. Ideally, in your piping bag, you should have three columns of different food colouring or two on the bottom and the third colour on top if you are using a small piping bag. This stage got a little messy for me and I ended up with a piping bag like this! Ideally it should have gone pink, green and then yellow frosting in three straight lines so that the three colours pipe at the same time. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, but hopefully it’ll all go well for you!


7. Once all the frosting is spooned into the piping bag, its time to decorate your cupcakes by piping a swirl onto each. I’ve added a few extra decorations to mine to make them a little bit more jazzy but decorate yours as you wish!

Rainbow Cupcakes Rainbow Cupcake Icing


– Charlotte x

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Don’t forget to check out My Cupcake Addiction on YouTube!]


10 thoughts on “Cupcakes with Rainbow Frosting

  1. katherinegivens808 says:

    My mouth literally drooled when I saw those cupcakes. I’m now following you, because those look divine.

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