Betty Crocker Sunny Lemon Drizzle Cake Review


Sunny Lemon Cake Mix

Included in in your Sunny Lemon Cake Mix is the cake batter and the lemon glaze icing. This cake is so simple to make. All you need to do is adLemon Cake 3d  eggs, oil and water to the cake mixture and bake! Literally, it will take you a few minutes to prepare the batter before putting it in the oven. Honestly, it took longer to grease and line the tin than it did to actually make the cake!
For the icing, add a splash of water and drizzle on your cake and thats it! The icing is so yummy, it has a great lemon flavour but sweet too, there is a good amount so if your like me with a sweet tooth, its perfect!

The cake itself is so light, moist and fluffy and has a really good lemon taste which I was surprised at as the smell of lemon wasn’t strong when baking. Also, the cake is a generous size, I know with some cake mixes, they have hardly any mixture at all and you end up with a bite of cake rather than a slice! (or in my case, a wedge of cake)

So, if you don’t fancy baking a cake from scratch and just want something easy and fun to do on a Sunday afternoon, I would highly recommend this Betty Crocker Sunny Lemon Cake Mix, it’s quick and easy, uses ingredients you’ll have in the cupboard and most importantly it tastes great!

My only advice to you is, if your going to bake a cake using cake mix and pass it off as your own – just don’t get caught!

Betty Crocker Sunny Lemon Cake Mix – Avaliable from leading supermarkets, £2.15

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