Red Nose Day Malteser® Cake


Maltesers® are aiming to raise £1 million for Red Nose Day this year, and you can help! How about by giving this cake a go? You can bake a difference (haha, get it?!) as 5p from every pack of Maltesers® bought goes straight to Red Nose Day and if you want to help raise even more money, how about holding a bake sale? This Malteser® Chocolate Delight cake is sure to go down a treat! What are you waiting for?!

180g Softened Unsalted Butter
180g Golden Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
180g Self-Raising Flour
25g Malted Milk Powder
25g Cocoa Powder
4 tbsp Milk

250g Icing Sugar
40g Malted Milk Powder
25g Cocoa Powder
125g Unsalted Softened Butter
2tbsp Boiling Water
135g Maltesers®

1. Preheat your oven to gas mark 4.

2. Grease and line two 18cm round sandwich tins.
(Tip! This is important as otherwise your cakes will stick to the tin and you won’t be able to get them out!)

3. Cream together the butter and sugar until a paste is formed which is light and fluffy.

4. Add in the eggs, flour (sifted), malted milk powder, cocoa powder, and milk. Beat until the mixture becomes smooth, thick and creamy.

5. Divide the mixture equally between the two sandwich tins.

6. Put the cakes in the pre-heated oven and bake for 25 minutes.
(Tip!  Try to avoid opening the oven whilst the case are cooking as the air may cause the mixture to sink! To check if your cakes are ready, using a fork or skewer, insert this into the cake. If the fork comes out clean and is not sticky, your cakes are ready! If not, pop your cakes back in the oven for a few more minutes.)

7. To make the buttercream icing, in a bowl put the icing sugar, malted milk powder and cocoa powder. Either pulse this a few times, or mix well.

8. Add the butter to the mix and pulse again. If you do not have an electric whisk/food processor, this can be done by hand – just needs a bit of welly!

9. Pour in the boiling water and mix until the mixture becomes thick and gooey. Add more water if needed.

10. Take half of the buttercream mixture in a separate bowl and stir in some of the Maltesers® . Spread this mixture over one of the sponges and then place the second sponge on top to make a sandwich.
(Tip! Avoid over-filling the centre of the sponge as when you place the second sponge on top, you don’t want the buttercream to ooze out and lose all this deliciousness!)

11. Cover the top of the cake with the remaining icing and decorate with Maltesers®

Please share this recipe amongst your friends & family as together we can all make a difference and help a great charity…. (that came out really cheesy – sorry!)
Maltesers ® Facebook
Red Nose Day Website


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